Sa tenue la plus inhabituelle a été sa robe du soir sur toute la longueur

Sa tenue la plus inhabituelle a été sa robe du soir sur toute la longueur avec un top bandeau de style un métal clouté bague qui semblait s’enfoncer dans son ventre.

Et tandis que son mari Grammy chanteur-compositeur semblait heureuse de porter la même tenue sur la scène que le tapis rouge, J-Lo changé à la fois sa coiffure et tenue pour la performance.

Avec ses cheveux bouffants, la mère des jumeaux portait une mini vert mousseux chauve-souris-robe, comme elle a chanté pour Anthony, 41.

Le couple a été rejoint par des célébrités telles que Matthew McConaughey et sa compagne Camila Alves modèle, qui portait un bustier Dolce & Gabbana, robe noire longueur sequin sol.

Lopez et Anthony avons eu une semaine chargée.

Ils ont passé la nuit précédente à l’Apollo Theater Concert de Printemps de prestations et des prix ont été attribués à la Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis Arts et gong humanitaire.

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There are several dresses that Tim Burton's heart would beat for

"There are several dresses that Tim Burton's heart would beat for," she said. "It's Tim Burton meets Bob Mackie meets Alexander McQueen."A lover of cowboy style since he was a child, Ermakov designed a special gown inspired by the rodeo that features a frothy skirt of white tulle and leather topped with a cowboy hat.

When Ermakov lost most of his vision at the age of 30 from diabetic retinopathy, a complication of diabetes that causes retina damage, he thought his career was finished.

"It was a very difficult period," said Ermakov, speaking through a Russian translator.

But the now-37-year-old said his need to earn a living and his love for fashion helped him continue.

Ermakov, who opened his own design studio in Kiev at the age of 24, has lost about 95% of his vision but can still see fabric colors if he gets very close. To create designs, he relies not only on his design team and his memories, but also on his sense of touch.

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The dress was provocative as it seemed to be made out of lace just like one of those honeymoon evening dresses up on sale.

The dress was provocative as it seemed to be made out of lace just like one of those honeymoon evening dresses up on sale. It was however an illusion dress as Venus would describe it, making it seem see-through when worn. in part to what Supervisor of Student Services Lib Sells called the “Hannah Montana trend” in leggings — basically tights without feet — the county school system has amended its elementary, middle and high school dress codes. Sells said she wants to be sure to get the word out about the changes before parents and students shop for clothes for the 2010-11 school year starting in August. The elementary dress code was amended by adding the following language: “In grades 3, 4 and 5, short shorts, halter tops, midriff-baring shirts and strapless dresses/tops or spaghetti straps are not allowed. Leggings must be worn under another garment which meets dress code requirements.” The Sullivan County Board of Education unanimously approved the changes at its May 10 meeting, where Sells mentioned the Hannah Montana wardrobe effect. That is the name of a character Cyrus plays on a Disney Channel show. Sells said Cyrus and her character have made leggings popular with female students.

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Strengthen climate protection and economic boost

The report by the Center for Climate Strategies projected gains of 129,000 jobs, a $25 billion uptick in the gross state product and lower prices for home energy sources such as electricity, oil and natural gas.

"This study validates our commitment to energy efficiency and renewable sources of fuel," said Steven Chester, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. "It's the right thing to do for a healthy environment and a healthy economy."

Gov. Jennifer Granholm in 2007 established the Michigan Climate Action Council, consisting of academic experts and representatives of industry, environmental groups and government agencies.

The council last February recommended 54 steps to reduce the state's contribution to climate change. Most involved greater use of alternative energy and stepped-up efficiency in manufacturing, farming, transportation and other sectors.

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Advantage of slow attitude


Is an attitude to life slowly. Person's life in their way, easy or adversity either, as long as the down-to-earth, always take the past, especially in rough terrain, and not to complain, do not worry, the more critical moment, the more we have to take your time so that they do not would be a wrong step in life, not wrestling, looking back you can find the most scenic, the road is difficult, the Therefore, go slowly, carefully along the way to appreciate the scenery. Besides, why go so fast, it is the end of life, death, ah, I, of course, have to go slowly.

     Is a cool demeanor slowly slowly with the people who obviously is slowly you have grace, how impatient people can ones Xiaoxiao. Slowly the people have enough time to think, so when they should calmly and patiently wait and see, be able to see the nature of the problem, rather than fire-fighting type ways of doing things, slowly the people can assess the situation and more to deal with capacity, handling more successful; slowly most of the people and good people will not quarrel with the conflict, triggered when a person, emotional sudden change when the people are slowly calm wait-and-see, why this person, upon hearing it, no big deal right? As for it? Slowly or even to meet with a smile, as if it did not opponent angrily mad, ha ha, good ground from a storm, slowly it goes without saying grace. This is not a boast Oh, I is the initial level of slowly, but slowly I was a supervisor of the high-level segment, the calm, romantic free and easy, it is a handsome, very impressive.

     More slowly is a high efficiency. It is estimated that everyone will not agree, but this is exactly the fact appears to quickly and efficiently, in fact, often the lack of well-organized, students are often busy chaos, chaos in the wrong, the quality is not high, but also rework, haste makes waste haste and that is the rationale. And slowly, the idea of a clear, orderly, secure Dangdang, the more busy, more orderly, seemingly slow, but it is people who laugh in the final. Slowly, although slow, but good quality, high efficiency, is a style of sound, the type of sustainable development.

     Slowly with good psychological quality. Slowly impatient mentality is not no quick fix, and it is estimated that there will be no objection to it, not to say the ...

     When the pace of social development, increasing the pressure of life, we may wish to slow down and adjust the attitude, down-to-earth, leisurely come slowly, slowly in order to experience the joy of life to enjoy life.

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Interior Health slashes their jobs

Fifty Interior Health workers will lose their jobs and fewer patients will undergo elective surgery this summer as officials try to staunch the budgetary bleeding.
CEO Murray Ramsden has confirmed 50 staff will receive pink slips this summer and 50 vacant positions will be eliminated. Most affected employees have non-union, administrative positions; some are members of the Hospital Employees Union, he said in an interview.
Together, with fewer surgeries and a pull-back on the number of paid hours employees are working, Ramsden is “hopeful” patient care won‘t suffer. But, he makes no promises.
“I won‘t predict what we have today will get us into a balanced position. We need to address our clinical programs.”
The HEU is still waiting to hear which positions will be axed in the health region and elsewhere in B.C., said spokesperson Margi Blamey. The union should find out in the next week or two.
Wait lists at Kelowna General Hospital for procedures on hips, knees and cataracts, neurosurgery, other operations and diagnostics are expected to grow longer. To reduce clinical expenses, IH has closed one of the eight operating rooms at KGH for nine weeks this summer. Last year, it shut two to three rooms for one week.
“Instead of closing two to three ORs for a week around the August long weekend, we are closing one OR all summer,” said Mary Jane Cullen, acute-care administrator for the Central Okanagan.
IH is considering whether to shut down an operating room for two weeks at spring break and for two weeks at Christmastime. Officials may also close an OR during the Winter Olympics in February.
If you have a scheduled date for surgery, it shouldn‘t change unless an emergency arises, said one administrator.
Ramsden has asked department heads across IH to freeze staff‘s paid hours at last year‘s funding levels. Overtime costs now average $25 million a year. At the rate the region‘s 23 hospitals and other facilities are going now, Ramsden projects a $10-million deficit in paid-hour overruns alone by next March.
To the end of June, KGH staff had worked 24,000 paid hours more than at the same time last year, he said.
“That puts significant pressure on other areas of the system. . . . How do we get back into a balanced position?”
Ramsden spoke by teleconference to many of the region‘s 18,000 employees and 1,200 physicians this week, asking for ideas on how to wipe out a shortfall of $30 million or more. He told them they‘ve been through economic slowdowns and health-care challenges before.
The task this time is daunting. IH must find new efficiencies in places it has never looked. Numerous health centres outside Kelowna will cut back hours of operation. Acute-care medical staff will work less with hospital patients who should be in residential-care homes but can‘t access a bed.
IH has imposed a hiring freeze on support positions and cut back on travel costs and building renovations. It plans to reduce non-essential overtime and stop providing meals for staff at IH meetings.

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Summer Solstice' Effect on Climate

Here’s how the seasonal change affects the weather: Around the time of the June solstice, the North Pole is tilted toward the sun and the Northern Hemisphere is starting to enjoy summer. The density of the solar radiation is higher because it's coming from directly overhead — in other words, the sun's rays are concentrated over a smaller surface area. The days are longer, too, meaning that more radiation is absorbed in northern climes during the 24-hour cycle. Another factor that may come into play is that the radiation takes a somewhat shorter path through the energy-absorbing atmosphere before striking the earth.

At the same time that the Northern Hemisphere is entering summer, the South Pole is tilted away from the sun, and the Southern Hemisphere is starting to feel the cold of winter. The sun’s glancing rays are spread over a greater surface area and must travel through more of the atmosphere before reaching the earth. There are also fewer hours of daylight in a 24-hour period.

The situations are reversed in December, when it’s the Southern Hemisphere that basks in the most direct rays of the sun, while the Northern Hemisphere receives less dense solar radiation for shorter periods of time.

Although the solstices represent the pinnacles of summer and winter with respect to the intensity of the sun’s rays, they do not represent the warmest or coldest days. This is because temperature depends not only on the amount of heat the atmosphere receives from the sun, but also on the amount of heat it loses due to the absorption of this heat by the ground and ocean.

It is not until the ground and oceans absorb enough heat to reach equilibrium with the temperature of the atmosphere that we feel the coldest days of winter or hottest days of summer.

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Summer clothing matching in any occasion

Economic downturn, can insist that men do not buy clothes, but absolutely can not tolerate a woman's dress size-fits-all approach, but at least women can be reflected in the spirit of a simple level, that is, but in such a seemingly prosaic ways demonstrate the concept of personality, the performance of simple methods can also be deduced extravagant temperament! Made today for how we should teach the basic goods with a single paragraph of a top grade quality.

  With the global financial bubble burst, and life will become simple, so in spring and summer 09 is a return to simple, advocating the safety of the season. Downturn in the global economy, resulting in the fashion market "basic" high-prevalence! What is meant by "fundamental article"? - The basic colors black and white ash, neutral color, classic style shirt, suit, remove the decorative and cumbersome simple return.

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